Fat Buster Combo Pack - $59.97 Less 26% Discount (Price Includes $5.00 Shipping)






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Wholesale using eCHECK?: Please read the paragraph below.

Remember when you used to write a check for most of the things you purchased? In order to keep our purchase prices low for you, we are accepting all wholesale payments using eCheck provided by Green Payment Processing for Business (which is more secure than purchasing with a Credit Card). Credit Card processing costs our company $3.00 to $5.00 per transaction. As one of the hundreds of people that visit our website each day, we would much rather pass the savings onto you our valuable customers. The information needed for eCheck is taken from one of your checks (Bank Routing Number & Checking Account Number). eCheck Payments are processed through the Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Network. Your banking information is secure and does not get passed onto our company. The only information that the ACH Network provides to our company needed to fill your order is: Your Name, Shipping Address, Item(s) Purchased, and the Amount of the Purchase.

Thank you, K. LeMoyne Adams, President & CEO, L&A Medical Supply, LLC


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