HCG-Are you salting your foods?

HCG-Are you salting your foods?

Are you afraid to salt your food? Salt can actually be helpful for dieters. Without it you can have swelling of your feet and ankles, for example. We have been taught salt is the enemy, but new science is showing it’s not. Salt and pepper on a sliced tomato is going to make it more appealing and satisfying.  And read on for other benefits.

Since I broke my right arm in two places last January, I have been very interested in taking calcium for strong bones and healing. Well, guess what? Taking calcium isn’t necessarily a good thing.  But there is an easy fix. Read below. I have recommended calcium in my newsletters because my nails got weak while doing my first round of the HCG Diet.

Here’s what happens. Calcium, by itself, can upset your body in very negative ways. We are told to drink milk. We see all kinds of commercials about drinking milk and getting more calcium. Calcium is added to orange juice and other foods with the idea that it will help children grow strong bones and help the older population have less osteoporosis.

Well, getting more calcium may be making our nation more sick.

It turns out that calcium is only part of the picture. If you don’t get other minerals in balance, you can do more harm than good.

Read “The Calcium Lie” (How Mineral Imbalances Are Damaging Your Health, by Robert Thompson MD and Kathleen Barnes) and you may have trouble putting it down. I bought the Kindle version. It was a real eye opener to needing balance of minerals in our diets or we can develop many health problems. If you get the book, get the updated 2013 version.

THE FIX? It’s pretty easy. Use sea salt on your foods, every day! Himalayan salt is just as good if not better. It has minerals in a natural balance. Our normal table salt is so bleached and purified, it doesn’t have much of any minerals in it. It has added iodine which is synthetic and hard for our bodies to absorb.

If you find you are retaining fluids, you may need to be using sea salt, or taking a multi-mineral supplement.

If your ankles swell, you may need sea salt. Get a good quality sea salt. Some sea salt is overly processed and refined and loses some of those needed minerals. You may like to try Himalayan salt.

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