HCG – Eat salads and lose more!

HCG – Eat salads and lose more!

You will feel more satisfied and you can vary the diet a whole lot with different allowed fruit, meats, and salad dressings.

A big salad can include everything permitted so you have a meal in one.  “Meat” includes steak, chicken or fish. Add diced apple or sliced strawberries or even a little orange or grapefruit for different flavors.

This salad above could have included spinach leaves and radishes, too. When you spread salad on a plate it looks like even more than in a bowl. In this salad, I added cucumbers, grape tomatoes and different lettuces. I topped it with cooked chicken. I usually add raw onion, too. And sometimes I buy shredded cabbage that is intended for making coleslaw. All of the ingredients are allowed on the VLCD.

I highly recommend eating a salad every single day while doing the hCG diet. The fiber in raw vegetables can actually help your hormones to lose better. It helps keep you regular, too.

If you find that buying the ingredients to making a salad end up getting wasted, one easy way to eat salads is to get them at a salad bar.  Many grocery stores have a salad bar these days, including Whole Foods.  I know three stores in my area that offer salad bars.  I also liked getting the side salad or chicken salad at Culver’s. It’s a popular chain in the mid-west.


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