HCG-Green tea and Coconut Oil Combo for better results

HCG-Green tea and Coconut Oil Combo for better results

Make a cup of tea and add 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut oil. Or if you prefer coffee, you can add coconut oil to that, too. You won’t taste the coconut oil, but you will feel more satisfied if you are trying to skip breakfast.  This works especially well for those doing the HCG Diet, but you may find you like it during “Maintenance” or anytime! Both are known to increase metabolism and it’s a great way to wake up!

Coconut oil is the only oil you can use during the VLCD and lose weight. You may find you even lose better! It increases metabolism and helps reduce appetite! You can use a little coconut oil on dry skin, too.

Green tea can help increase metabolism, too. Besides many health benefits, green tea can help with hunger. So having coconut oil and green tea together is excellent. That means you may have more energy and anything that helps with appetite is such a blessing when dieting.

Be sure to use or buy a new favorite mug. I like mine with the Madison, WI Capitol building and the surrounding lake in the picture. I like to mix flavors and I often make a cup with two tea bags. If you want it cold, just steep and pour over ice! I am finding I really like mint tea in the mornings. It’s invigorating.Drinking green tea without even dieting can help you lose more weight.  If you haven’t tried it, get some mixed with fruit flavors like the Passion fruit one above or peach or berry.

Don’t think you like green tea? It’s okay. It comes in all flavors and you may surprise yourself. I did! You can add Stevia, but I like mine without.  If you go to Amazon you can see all the different kinds and also get some Sweet Leaf flavored Stevia drops or dry packets, if you like sweet.

Drinking hot tea with coconut oil between meals can save you from reaching for a snack and going off the diet.

Janet Sweeney

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