HCG helps you lose or gain

HCG helps you lose or gain

Someone wrote to me, “I’m 40 pounds overweight and the doctor said to lose weight. My concern is I see people using the hCG and I myself have used the drops (and) you lose the weight but you end up gaining it back so quickly.  I don’t believe that it resets your gland.  I think people have to continue to take it to keep the weight off.”This is what I think. I have been writing and teaching about the diet since 2008.  It is very easy to gain weight back, but most of those who do, freely admit they have returned to bad habits. It’s really tough in our society because almost all social activity is surrounded by food. I think it’s very important to keep sugar out of the diet, but that’s another story.But there is one other thing to consider, too. HCG in the pregnant mother, is protective. It helps her gain weight to nourish the baby. If she is sick, the baby still gets the nutrients, sometimes at the expense of the mother.

Even if the mother is malnourished, Dr. Simeons noticed that the mother would still give birth to a healthy baby. That is how he discovered and developed this diet. After delivery, the mother continues to have some hCG in her body. The levels drop off quickly, but I think some hCG hangs around longer than some people realize.

After my very first round when I lost 45 pounds in 2007, I went to eating according to Atkin’s because I still had another 50 pounds to lose and I was surprised that I couldn’t lose like I had in the past for a period of weeks. I think I still had enough hCG in my body that it interfered.

One other thing to note. One of my daughters had a miscarriage. She had to have weekly blood tests to make sure her levels of hCG were going down or else she needed a D&C to make sure nothing like a part of the placenta was left inside. It’s just one more way I think hCG hangs around longer than people realize.

Doing maintenance is a very crucial part of the diet. It’s a stage that resets the body to the new weight and it’s so important. Some do the diet right to the date of some special event and I totally understand. I have done that. Sometimes you can make up for it with doing a “steak day” or two. But it’s really very important to do at least 3 weeks of “maintenance” as described in Pounds and Inches and then stabilization. If you don’t, you can gain weight.


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