HCG- Stretching for weight loss

HCG- Stretching for weight loss

Are stretching and dieting related? Can stretching help a dieter?

Take a minute while you read this and stretch your arms above your head, now out to the side and move your shoulders, first one and then the other. This is a simple little test for you to see just how much stretching can actually make you feel better. If you didn’t do it yet, do it now, so you can appreciate this information.

I have to tell you, I have pretty much ignored anything about stretching. And I never thought it could help a dieter. One of my daughters has been telling me about stretching and I admit, it was pretty much on a deaf ear until lately. Then I listened to an interview with Symeon Rodger about the benefits of stretching.  He is an amazing guy who teaches about fitness. I now have one of his DVD’s.

Do you know that stretching can help you ABSORB NUTRIENTS better and RELEASE TOXINS?

When you stretch out the muscles, you are lengthening and contracting them and there is a lot happening.

Stretching actually FEELS GOOD because it helps CIRCULATION. It helps to improve posture. It helps to ENERGIZE tendons and ligaments and protects joints. It actually helps to LUBRICATE muscles and joints. It helps prevent toxins from building up in the joints.

Stretching helps the LYMPH system which is part of the immune system. And it helps flexibility.

A dieter wants to lose weight and feel better. Stretching can really help you do that and it’s on a much more physical level than I had ever imagined.

Here’s a short list of benefits:

Relief from pain

Increased energy levels

better range of motion

greater circulation of the blood and helps the heart

relaxation and also stress relief

improved posture

increased flexibility

tones the nerve fibers

keeps fascia around muscles lubricated

better coordination

anti-inflammatory effects

release of toxins

And it’s one of the easiest things to do for yourself and it’s free.

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I’ve known about stretching for weight loss, but I learned a few more things about how it helps the body, after breaking my arm in two places last January. Stretching is one of the easiest and maybe most beneficial of any exercise you can do. And it isn’t hard work. When my arm starts to cramp and ache, I found that stretching it out by pushing it extended with my mother’s cane, makes it feel better. I put the handle in my hand and push on the end of the cane, gently stretching my arm and it relieves the aches and pains.

Ever notice how a cat stretches out when they first wake up? Have you done it yourself?  I didn’t really realize how much I stretch as I wake up until on one round of the hCG diet, I stretched and developed an immediate muscle cramp in my calf and sometimes my toes. It’s a sign you need to take magnesium and potassium. When you do the hCG diet, you lose so much water, I highly recommend you get a multi-mineral supplement and take it with meals.

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