HCG Tip on Coconut oil

HCG Tip on Coconut oil

When I first started writing about the HCG Diet, someone actually mailed me some coconut capsules and told me how great it was as a help to the diet. I was so doubtful, it took me a couple of years to come around to the idea that it was really okay. Now I recommend it. 

Coconut oil on the VLCD, or p2 as some call it, can really help with hunger.

And now there are some studies that show that using coconut oil versus other oils in the diet, can reduce belly fat. 

Dr. Simeons warned to not use any oils and to limit fats on the diet. So how come it’s okay to use coconut oil? It’s the only oil that you can use successfully and lose weight and it may even help you lose more because it helps to increase metabolism which means you may lose even better.

And a third reason after hunger control and an increase in metabolism is that you can cook with it and it really helps with diet boredom.  

Want to know a fourth reason? It can help relieve constipation. 

There are so many benefits to coconut oil!  It’s anti-viral, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory.  Once it was considered bad for good health, but that has changed and nutritionists and scientists are realizing that was bad information.  At one time it was in many commercial products and then it was replaced with vegetable oils.  Now they have gone full circle to think coconut oil is the best by far.

I like to relate what I can to this diet. It can also be used on dry skin during the VLCD.  It melts fast at body temperature, so it’s a little messy, but it works. Women in some cultures use coconut oil regularly on their skin and hair and it helps retard aging. Generally they are more healthy, too.

You can add a little to hot coffee or tea, even on the VLCD and it will really help with hunger!


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