How to do “loading or binge days” on the HCG Diet

How to do “loading or binge days” on the HCG Diet

Loading days are the first two days of the diet when you can eat anything you want, guilt free. First, as a reminder, Loading or Binge days should always include taking your doses of hCG. Think of it as loading with hCG. Some directions for the diet aren’t clear about this. Dr. Simeons mentioned in “Pounds and Inches,”  that Loading days help so the dieter loses better once they start the low calorie diet and it helps with hunger. Loading days can jump-start your losing better.  Not taking hCG during Loading days can lead to a poor weight loss the first week and more hunger.  

During Loading days, you can eat anything you want and as much as you want. If you are worried about gaining weight during loading days, don’t be. It comes right back off very quickly. Not all people gain, but most do. You can reduce any gain by eating a lot of protein foods like meat and not eating a lot of sugary foods or foods made with flour.  But you can eat anything you want, so if you want those treats, now during loading days is your chance.

If you find that you can’t start the diet for some reason, you can do an extra Loading day. An example might be unexpected company or catching a cold or the flu. If you hold back on the sugar and starch and concentrate on eating a lot of meat with protein and fat, you will not be as likely to gain a lot.  Think about the Atkin’s Diet, if you are familiar with that.  You do not have to eat low-fat during Loading days. If you get sick, it’s more important to take whatever supplements or medicine you know will help you and drink lots of juice and other fluids, so taking hCG and waiting another day or two to start the diet can work well.

Dr. Simeons had some patients (chronic dieters) do Loading days for as long as a week, to load up on good fats. It’s in “Pounds and Inches.” Good fats are necessary for good health, for skin, joints, and good nutrition and absorption of other vitamins and minerals. If you are doing a lot of dieting or several rounds of the diet, be sure to eat good fats and oils between rounds. You may want to take a supplemental fish oil capsule, once per day. Usually one capsule has one fat gram. Get enteric coated so you don’t burp fish oil. Krill oil is very good and has no fishy taste.

Enjoy your Loading Days and if you can time them for a special picnic, wedding,  holiday weekend or family gathering, that works great.  Each time you do a new round, try to time Loading with a special event. Then start the strict diet afterwards.  Just be sure to take hCG during Loading days.

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