How to do short rounds of HCG

How to do short rounds of HCG

The only difference between a short round and a longer one is the length of time you do the VLCD. Everything else is the same. Many people are finding they have good and sometimes better success with short rounds. More about some advantages below.  

Start by doing at least 2 loading/binge-ing days. This is important for loading up with hCG as well as lots of fats and oils. You do not have to stuff yourself or make yourself miserable. Just eat a lot of fatty meats like hamburger and hot dogs if you like them and don’t worry about trimming the fat off your steak. Use real butter on your vegetables. Eat anything you may crave or desire later on like ice cream. Eat cheese and eggs, bacon and sausage, or anything else you want. You do not have to overeat.

If you are concerned about gaining a lot on loading days, you do not have to do that. Just don’t eat a lot of sugar or starchy foods and you will be less likely to gain. But they are allowed if you desire them. Remember that loading days are designed to help you jump start losing from the right places and to help with hunger. Anyone who tries to do the diet without using hCG on loading days or skipping loading days altogether is more likely to have more hunger and you may not lose as well. Loading days can be fun if there are foods you normally deny yourself. It’s a good time to start your diet with a holiday, special dinner or at a family gathering.

Most people find that they lose any loading weight within the first two days of the VLCD, and sometimes more. The fun part is you will start losing from the belly right away. If you have been dieting a lot, you may gain some water weight on loading days. It’s normal.

How long is a short round?  It can be one to two weeks, although I think 2 weeks is about the minimum length of time to do this diet. Three weeks or 21 days is great and so are 30 days!  It used to be that 40 days was considered a round of the hCG diet and then some clinics started doing 30-35 days. A few did 21 days. And some did 60 days! The problem with longer rounds is that you are more likely to stall and end up cheating or going off the diet altogether.

The biggest problem with anyone going off the diet is that they are not always careful to do 3 weeks of maintenance.

Maintenance is crucial for success with this diet, no matter how long you do your round or phase 2, also known as the VLCD. (very low calorie diet.)

If you have very much to lose, you may find it works well to do 2-3 weeks of the VLCD, with a week off, doing maintenance.  Then repeat with another 2-3 weeks of the diet. (Do loading days again.) That gives you a possible total of 6 weeks or 42 days which is a great length of time, to lose 35-45 pounds. It is quite doable and you are more likely to keep the weight off, as long as you do maintenance correctly.

Maintenance, as a reminder is this. “Eat whatever you want as long as you do not have sugar or starch.”  Be sure to add fats and oils and do not try to eat low fat. Good fats and oils are necessary for good health. That is the short explanation.

From there you may read about how many calories, how to gradually add in calories or how to gradually add in fats and oils. I don’t agree with a lot of what others promote. Dr. Simeons only gave two rules. No sugar and no starch. No starch means nothing made with grains, flours, etc. That means no crackers, no bread sticks, no pasta, nothing with flour!  If you do that, you will be very happy with the results. From there I caution anyone to go very easy with milk as it has natural sugar, and go easy on a lot of fruit during maintenance. Basically you can have any vegetable, but go easy on the starchy ones. Do not eat any processed foods as most all of them have sugar and/or starch. If you eat only meats (which include poultry, fish, etc.) and vegetables and fruit, you will do very well on maintenance.

Maintenance is a stage or phase of the HCG Diet, called phase 3 by many.

Phase 4 is when you gradually add in sugars and starch. It’s the STABILIZATION PHASE and is often considered an additional 3 weeks to do correctly. You will have the very best success if you are very careful with “maintenance” and after. If you want to do another round of the diet right away, you do not need to do any stabilization phase.

Dr. Simeons recommended longer and longer times between rounds. There is a lot of disagreement about that. If someone has a lot to lose, it can be very discouraging to have to wait to do another round. My feeling it that it is very important that you get good fats and oils in your diet during maintenance and after and when you feel good, go ahead and do another round.

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