Why Do the HCG Diet? Seven Reasons!

Why Do the HCG Diet? Seven Reasons!

The most obvious reason is to lose a lot of weight quickly. But there are more reasons than you may know.

1) There is actually an immunity aspect to hCG. It helps protect the pregnant woman. When I first read that, it clicked for me. My daughter and I had already realized that when we were taking hCG, that we had less symptoms of seasonal allergies. I also noticed that my aching joints and early arthritis was improved. Then I started noticing that when I was on the diet, that I didn’t seem to catch colds or flu as easily. Since then I have read even more about the immunity aspect.

2) Doing the HCG diet actually helps you eat better. You aren’t eating very much, but you are eating healthy foods. Even when you go on maintenance for 3 weeks, you can’t eat sugar or starches, so that encourages you keep eating better. No sweets. No junk food.

3) If you have an important function coming up with a specific date, the hCG diet will help you lose the fastest. There ARE other diets. They can even work VERY well. But if you have yo-yo dieted and gotten discouraged, the hCG diet can give you hope again, that you really can lose that weight and keep it off.

4) I’ve read from critics that it is a fad diet. It is not a fad diet. A fad diet typically is not healthy. It is eating mostly one food like cabbage soup or something else rather severe, and something that you cannot stay on for life. Well, you can’t stay on hCG for life, but you can keep eating the same healthy foods, but larger quantities. You learn to eat healthy foods that were once alive or growing in the ground. You can add in more variety after the diet. And if you go off the diet, it is a great teacher. You find out you don’t feel as well. That leads me to the next point.

5) Once acclimated to the diet and into the “swing” of how it works for you and making progress, you may notice how good you feel. Did you know that hCG offers a special “wellness” feeling? I read a study done that mentions that dieters on hCG actually experienced a special wellness factor. I think of it as a happiness factor. I noticed that I didn’t need as much sleep and didn’t get so sleepy in the afternoons.

6) HCG does body sculpting like no other diet. It slims and trims you as you lose. Only exercise can do some of the body sculpting and then even that doesn’t get rid of the double chin and flabby upper arms, or even the fat on your back, the way that hCG does, or not nearly as fast or easily. Look in the mirror and watch yourself shrink!

7) Because you are eating healthy and getting hCG to use your own body fat for calories, you may even have more energy. I never felt bloated and sluggish. Sometimes on the diet I didn’t feel as energetic and even felt like I was running on “battery power,” but other times I realized I really got more done. I really had more energy. I was even feeling more alert in my thinking! Feeling more alert and noticing that your memory improves is a great added benefit!

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