THE DIET - Phase 1 


The first step of the Diet using Injections, pellets, or drops is what is known as PHASE 1: THE 2 DAY LOAD
The 2 day load or more famously put, "eat to capacity". The principal behind the diet 2 day load is to fatten yourself up, preferably, eating fatty foods, to ease any initial diet hunger or diet headache you may have when going on a 500 "Very Low Calorie Diet (or VLCD) from the level of calories you were eating prior to the Diet.
You are also starting your Injections, Pellets, or Drops at this time to allow the active ingredients to take effect. It takes approximately two days for the ingredients to reach therapeutic levels for dieting purposes.
Reading Dr. Simeons Manuscript, Pounds and Inches will empower you to make choices for yourself. It will give you a good foundation for understanding the importance of the 2 Day Load.
PHASE 1: THE 2 DAY LOAD is the most important phase of "The Diet". Please know that if not done correctly, you could find yourself experiencing hunger during the duration of Phase 2 of the Diet. When phase 1 is done correctly, you should not experience hunger during phase 2. Please remember that in Phase 2 when your eyes focus in on a food item that is very tempting, it is important to be honest and ask yourself  "am I hungry or am I simply experiencing a craving?". The active ingredients in your system should be suppressing your hunger and as a result, the answer to your question will be "No". Please keep in mind that satisfying cravings that you had in the past is the reason that you are over weight.  It is normal for some of you to experience a headache in the early stages of Phase 2 of "The Diet". This is your body detoxing its self and could last for a couple of days. Tylenol can be used to get past these symptoms.